Business Projects Gallery

It’s important to note that the way people actually live and work looks different from what is portrayed in a magazine layout. Those color coordinated, minimalist spaces do not depict actual space usage. Below are photos that do.


KB Basement Storage BA 1Storage Room Transformation, part 1 | Cost: $1000 for parts 1 & 2

KB Basement Storage Shelves BAStorage Room Transformation, part 2 | Cost: $1000 for parts 1 & 2, with shelving & assembly

Dinahs Bookcase BACorporate Reorganization, part 1  |  Cost: $500

Dinahs Desk BA

Corporate Reorganization, part 2 |  Cost: $500

BS Desk BAWorkspace Excavation | Cost: $500, including file system

Hayes Office Bookcase View BA

Large Office Reclamation, front view |  Cost:  $950

Hayes Office Desk View BA

Large Office Reclamation, desk view  |  Cost: $950

Hayes Office Closet View BA

Large Office Reclamation, side view  |  Cost: $950

Marti Office BA

Work Studio Restoration  |  Cost: $1500

Collins Office BA

Small Business Metamorphosis  |  Cost: less than $1000

Nancy Office BAHome Office Modification | Cost: $350