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Organizing for Traumatic Illness                                                        $24.95

A workbook for professional organizers and their clients experiencing traumatic illness or injury.Add to Cart

Organize Your Medical Records in 12 Easy Steps                        $9.95

Includes information necessary to categorize and manage complex personal medical records systems: from design and implementation, to tracking payments, classifying correspondence, categorizing insurance information, managing medical history, organizing insurance information and creating storage for easy retrieval.   You’ll also learn health insurance terms and buzzwords.Add to Cart

Organize the Kosher Kitchen                                                                $9.95

Includes information on all levels of keeping kosher as well as a glossary of terms.  After you read this guide you will be intimately familiar with the many levels of keeping kosher, workarounds for problems encountered, and the complex process of becoming and keeping kosher.  And you’ll know the lingo.  It’s quite impressive to a kosher client if you can walk into her kitchen and say, ‘So, is this the milchig (dairy) side or the fleishig (meat) side?
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