Residential Services

We specialize in organizing home offices and large spaces like garages, basements, attics, sheds and storage units. All organizing quotes include the use of our exclusive file system, complimentary 15-minute consultation and needs assessment, the use of all materials brought to the job site, donation drop off, paper, plastic, and small electronics recycling, shred of sensitive documents, and all transportation.

  • Design Work Stations for home offices & small businesses
  • Design Customized File & Information Retrieval Systems for home offices & small businesses
  • Organize Home Offices, Garages, Basements, Attics, Sheds, & Storage Units
  • Create streamlined processes for maximum effect
  • Determine space control and layout
  • Decide what to donate, recycle, toss and keep… and where to put it
  • Coach clients in maintaining systems and staying organized
  • Time Management & Productivity coaching & tips
  • Tune Ups: ongoing maintenance tips at no extra charge

We develop and implement easy systems to ensure our clients can access their possessions, paper, and digital information when they need it. We teach our clients how to maintain the systems we create for each of their individual needs.


Thank you so much Lisa, I feel lighter somehow having my stuff so organized.
– Monica, residential organizing client

We cleared out the media shelves in the family room, uncovered the coffee table, and rediscovered the desk. We also filled up several bags of stuff… and Lisa took it all away. There’s no magic to it – we’re doing all the work and making all the decisions. But she acts as a forcing function – when she hands us a pile to go through, it seems silly to just put it back where it was… I’m happy (with) her services, and happier that I finally got around to calling and making the appointment!
– David, home office & space organizing client

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