Lisa is the best organizer I’ve ever worked with. She genuinely loves what she does, and makes the experience of getting organized so easy – while she has great processes to share, she also takes each client’s preferences and abilities into account, never pushing to do things her way. She’s delightful to work with, truly collaborating on projects from organizing papers to reworking the design of a room for better functionality. She has a great eye, and was able to help me create a work space that felt much better than what I had, using furnishings I already owned. Everyone I have recommended her to has been equally thrilled with her work!

I coach at a non-profit called Breast Cancer Connections, and recommended her as a speaker; she was such a hit with the initial support group that she was asked to return and give a longer presentation at the organization’s Alternative Therapies Fair, as she has a unique understanding of the challenges facing people dealing with major illnesses and is able to empower them to move forward with their projects at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm. — Joanne S., home office client

Joanne S.